Members of Riparia attended the Joint Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Wetlands Workgroup (MAWWG) and New England Biological Assessment Wetlands Workgroup (NEBAWWG) in Cooperstown, NY. The three-day meeting, coordinated by Riparia and the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC), brought together dozens of attendees from state/tribal agencies, federal agencies, nonprofits, and other wetland professions to discuss topics such as wetland inventories and advances in wetland assessment. A field tour was provided by the Upper Susquehanna Coalition, featuring created and restored wetlands, streams, and riparian buffers around the area. Included in the tour was the site pictured above, where a former golf course was reverted to a floodplain wetland and now even hosts an eastern hellbender (Cryptobrancus alleganiensis) research program.