What We Do

Riparia’s strengths lie in the pursuit of three, fully integrated dimensions of research, outreach, and education that can best be described as shown in the figure below.

  • Core – Long-term commitment to building on previous studies to extend our knowledge about the ecology of natural and built environments. Funding is most often provided through competitive grants and contracts.
  • Discovery – Pursuing lines of inquiry that may prove useful for informing management through science. An amalgam of sources, including unfunded initiatives is usually required to complete discovery projects.
  • Applications – Developing and implementing tools, courses, and programs to educate and train students and managers or all kinds to apply science to inform policy decisions and management practices to further the conservation of wetlands and aquatic resources

To remain successful and competitive, Riparia must be opportunistic in securing funds to conduct its collective work, but we seek to focus about one third of our efforts in each dimension.