Supplemental Material

Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands: Advances in Wetlands Science, Management, Policy, and Practice (Springer 2013)

Robert P. Brooks and Denice Heller Wardrop, Editors

  1. Aquatic Landscapes: the importance of integrating waters
    R. Brooks, C. Snyder, and M. Brinson
  2. Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) Classification, Inventory, and Reference Wetlands
    R. Brooks, M. Brinson, D. Wardrop, and J. Bishop
  3. Linking Landscape to Wetland Condition: A Case Study of Eight Headwater Complexes in Pennsylvania
    J. Moon and D. Wardrop
  4. Hydrology of Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands
    K. Hychka, R. Brooks, and C. Cole
  5. Hydric Soils of Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands
    P. Drohan and R. Brooks
  6. Hydrophytes of the Mid-Atlantic Region: Ecology, Communities, Assessment, and Diversity
    S. Chamberlain, D. Wardrop, S. Fennessy, and D. DeBerry
  7. Wetland-Riparian Wildlife of the Mid-Atlantic Region: An Overview
    R. Brooks and T. Serfass
  8. Wetland-Riparian Birds of the Mid-Atlantic Region
    T. O’Connell, R. Brooks, D. Prosser, M. Gaudette, J. Gyekis, K. Farrell, and M. Casalena
  9. Assessing Wetland-Riparian Amphibian and Reptile Communities of the Mid-Atlantic Region
    J. Julian, G. Rocco, M. Turner, and R. Brooks
  10. Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of the Mid-Atlantic Region
    S. Yetter
  11. Monitoring and Assessment of Wetlands: Concepts, Case Studies, and Lessons Learned
    D. Wardrop, M. Kentula, R. Brooks, S. Fennessy, S. Chamberlain, K. Havens, and C. Hershner
  12. Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation
    R. Brooks and N. Gebo
  13. Policy and Regulatory Programs Affecting Wetlands and Waters of the Mid-Atlantic Region
    J. McElfish and R. Brooks
  14. Conservation and Management of Wetlands and Aquatic Landscapes: The Vital Role of Connectivity
    R. Brooks