Dear Friends – We remember Luise Davis, Ph.D., an energetic and enthusiastic presence who spent time with us in the early days of the Cooperative Wetlands Center (predecessor to Riparia) during the early 1990s. Luise passed on 17 February 2018 in the State College close to her family. Luise earned her doctorate in 1995 in Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Penn State. Rob Brooks, her major advisor, worked with Luise in pursuit of her degree, after her long career as an environmental scientist in energy industries. Using her extensive background, she completed her dissertation based on a policy analysis of wetlands and their protection on various types of mined lands in Pennsylvania. Her passions were many, including painting watercolors, listening to classical music, rowing in the river near her Pittsburgh home, and reading widely of fiction, history, and science. She was always an advocate for clean water and air.

Her obituary can be viewed at this link.


Photo: Luise Davis and Bob Hedin examining a wetland treatment system for acidic mine drainage, c.1992 (Photo by R. Brooks).